Welcome to the New Humpy Creek Blog!

the humpy from above

Humpycreek.com is here!

Welcome to our new and improved blog.  For those who aren’t familiar with us humpy dwellers here is a brief backstory:

We moved from an apartment in Carlton to the humble Humpy in November of 2011.  It was the best decision we ever made.  The Humpy is a 16ft caravan under a lean-to on Emily’s dad’s 130 acre property in Alexandra, Victoria.

Since the move to The Humpy we have worked to produce almost all of the vegetables we consume, and acquired a host of animal companions including two dogs, eight chooks, a rooster and a hive of honeybees.  (Some of these animals being more useful than others.)

This blog is about our off-the-grid adventures, our attempts at becoming more self-sufficient and the small 7 acre farm we are trying to set up in Inglewood.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you hang on for the ride!

– Emily & Rohan & the critters of the Humpy Creek Gang.