Fermentation & Photography

One of the great benefits of our simple lifestyle and producing a lot of our own food is the extra leisure time it affords us: with a relatively low cost of living we don’t have to work as much.  This has given us more time to explore our own interests and find hobbies that help us unwind and express creativity – hobbies that make us feel more whole as human beings.

Fermenting food is a bit of a necessity for us since we don’t have a functioning refrigerator, but it has quickly become a consuming passion for Rohan (in every sense of the phrase).  I believe his Eastern European genes predispose him to such activities as I have caught him on more than one occasion drinking pickle juice out of the jar.   Now any foodstuff, be it in the garden or pantry, is at risk of being salted, smooshed and shoved into a jar.

Taking photos for the Humpy Creek stalkbook page has been very enjoyable for me, and something I find very calming (except when the chickens are involved).  The challenge of using my camera to its full potential and better understanding the design elements involved in a good image will keep me occupied for some time to come!

And what do you get when you combine our two new hobbies?  Photos of ferments:

Kalekraut close up