Spring: Season of the Humpy Dweller

Daffodil macro lower res

Flimsy aluminium walls are all that separates “inside” from “outside” for us humpy dwellers.  This means we are always intimately connected to the seasons, the weather and the outside temperature (whether we like it or not, and sometimes we definitely do not).

Like the plants and animals around us, when spring rolls around we drag ourselves out of our hiding places and become active, getting more vigorous as the season progresses.

The bees, whose activity levels are mirroring our own as the weather becomes more mild, are at the forefront of our minds as spring approaches.  We are very excited about doing an check inside the hive in the next few weeks just to make sure everything is ok, and hopefully adding a super.  We only got the bees last year and the horrible weather meant no surplus honey (we left it all for them to get through winter).  Word on the beekeeping grapevine is this year will be excellent for honey production so we might even get a jar or two of our own honey!

It’s also time to consider tackling the garden – planning our crops and getting some seeds into the ground.   Gardening is the most fun in spring and we can’t wait to get our hands dirty, literally.

So, from us humpy dwellers to the season of spring: we love you and are very much looking forward to working with you!