Meet Maizie

Maizie kisses Dee

We are going to write a series of posts introducing all of the members of The Humpy Creek Gang.  I’ll start with the most recent addition: Maizie.

The Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc. rescued Maizie from certain death in the pound (she was due to be put down only 24 hours after AWDRI got her out).  We were her foster carers, she our very first foster dog.

The general consensus is that (despite appearances to the contrary) she probably has some working dog in her, maybe a bit of kelpie, but also a lot of lap dog, most likely Pomeranian.  She’s tiny, only weighing 8kg – very convenient if you want to reposition her in The Humpy.

Within a week we were all besotted by this funny little fox-faced dog (with the possible exception of Betty White the chicken, whom Maizie attempted to hump at one point).  After two adoption applications fell through, we figured it was fate that she became part of the family.

We have very few regrets about this decision, although car trips with Maizie after she has helped herself to chicken food or blood and bone in the garden are not pleasant – for a little dog she can produce impressive amounts of gas.

Maizie with bone