Meet Sweet Dee

Dee for blog

Rohan named Sweet Dee back when she was the most revoltingly cute 12 week old puppy, not long after we moved into The Humpy.  We chose her out of a group of four pups because she ran flat out across the dog pen, skidded and face planted just in front of us.  Her stunning looks have always been at odds with her slapstick clumsiness.

It turned out that Sweet Dee was a more apt name than we could have predicted.  We have no doubt that if she could talk, it would be just like her namesake and she would more often than not refer to us as “boners” or “dickholes”.

Despite the fact that Dee often openly displays her contempt for us and any requests we may make of her, we love her dearly and know that deep down she kinda likes us too – if we leave her with someone else for a day or two we get the most wiggly welcome possible on our return (admittedly she also tells us off simultaneously).

Initially, we had some concerns about Dee’s capabilities as a working dog since she held no sway whatsoever with the chooks and was more interested in licking or eating grass with Knackers the bull than moving him.

Dee and knackers for blog

A little while ago, though, we took Dee to Yarra Valley Working Dogs so she could have a go at doing what she was bred for: herding sheep.  She took to it like a duck to water and has been helping us get the chooks back into their run ever since (although she is still hopeless at keeping them out of the car or The Humpy).

Dee has been with us since the beginning of our off-the-grid adventure and for that reason is, and always will be, the cherished Humpy Creek mascot.