The Heartbreak of a Broken Lens & Dewy Flower Macros

I am, at best, an enthusiastic amateur photographer with very limited technical skills.  In fact, I’m such an amateur that ten days ago I dropped my most useful lens (18-55mm) and busted it.  I only have two lenses so this was particularly traumatic.

I dropped the lens because I was fiddling around trying to attach some el cheapo extension tubes to it with one hand while holding down the depth of field (DOF) preview on the camera with the other.  The extension tubes disable any automatic functions on my camera (a Canon Kiss X4) and the only way to change the aperture is to set it with just the lens on, hold down the  DOF preview button, attach the extension tubes to the lens and (while still holding down the DOF preview button) attach lens with extension tubes.

Such a process would challenge the most dexterous individual.  I am far from that with my butter fingers and it was probably inevitable that the lens would escape my hand and bounce along the floor of The Humpy.  I put it back on, saying to myself Homer Simpson style,”It’s still good, it’s still good.”

It wasn’t still good.  It was taking photos like a drunkard.  The irony being that my el cheapo extension tubes ended up costing me a new lens.

The replacement lens arrived yesterday.  Since then I have been shoving my camera in the face of any flower I can get close enough to in the garden.  All attaching of extension tubes has been done over the softness of the bed…

Here are some photos of dewy flowers from this morning:

Dew on dafodil Dew on rosemary Dew on viola Dew on nectarine blossom