Minigreens Make Way For Carrots!

Minigreens for blog

Back in March, we discovered the joys of “minigreens” (basically scattering salad green and herb seeds willy nilly, allowing them to grow in a thick mat, then harvesting while young and juicy).  There were many benefits to using this system, including reduced pest impact, and it provided us with a steady supply of salad greens over winter.  Today we discovered a new benefit:  soil prep for planting a carrot crop!

The dense network of roots from the minigreens have left the soil light and aerated, perfect for carrots to penetrate and grow long.  The minigreens are also fairly nitrogen-hungry, and an excess of nitrogen isn’t ideal for carrots (it causes forking and odd shapes), so with any luck there will be enough nitrogen but not too much (although Rohan may be disappointed at the lack of amusingly rude shaped carrots produced).

After letting the chooks demolish most of the minigreens (they may be the “leading arseholes on any farm” according to Rohan, but they do redeem themselves with free labour and exceptional eggs), any leftovers were cut out and the soil given a quick going over with a garden fork to break up any chunks of soil and roots.  A liberal dusting of potash and the bed is ready for carrots.  Hooray for the little victories in the garden!

We will post an update on how this works out.

Carrot bed