Being Kept by the Bees

Honeybee on lavender macro

It’s official: we have decided we want to take the plunge and run a small commercial apiary.  We want to be professional beekeepers.

Well, we call ourselves beekeepers but really the bees keep us.  We are are at their beck and call, doing our best to provide them with everything they need to be happy and healthy.  And while they don’t need us to survive, the way things are going they could use more people on their side who are willing to preserve their genetic diversity and protect them from the slew of chemicals that’s contributing to their demise on a global scale.

Over the past couple of years, living in The Humpy, we have been exploring various options for making a living on our 7 acre block in Inglewood.  Some of these we’ll keep exploring (we’re pretty keen to have a decent sized rhubarb crop), but we know the apiary will be the focus.  We just love bees, and the more we work with them the more obsessed with them we become.

They say you don’t choose the bees, the bees choose you.  We’re pretty sure we’ve been chosen and are being shamelessly manipulated by them, and we’re just fine with that.