Christmas at Humpy Creek

We like a simple and relaxing Christmas, and this year was no exception!  Here are some snippets from our day…


At 10pm on Christmas eve we were moving Queenie’s hive (our first and biggest hive) from town out to the farm because we’re pretty sure they’re planning on swarming soon and don’t want to risk losing the swarm to pest control if it escapes in town.  The bees settled in very quickly and, after a quick bout of orientation flights in the morning, were out foraging for Christmas lunch.

Scrubby 3

Scrubby was our guest of honour for Christmas.  His owner recently died and an old man in town saved him from being shot by the new owners, we will have the pleasure of looking after him until he finds a new home.


We were up at the crack of dawn as usual so the day started with some chores, including mowing around The Humpy because there are snakes EVERYWHERE at the moment and anyone getting bitten would have ruined our stress-free Christmas.

Beeswax candle and mead

We broke open some of the mead we made with the leftovers from our first honey harvest – it is still pretty green but absolutely delicious and will be amazing with a few more months of fermenting.  And a home made beeswax candle for that special touch at lunch!

Christmas tree

In the interests of not having to do much (or clean up much) after Christmas we didn’t decorate a tree, but we did nominate this paperbark our Christmas tree because it looked suitably festive and it was adorned with hundreds of bees, butterflies and beetles.

Butterfly on Christmas tree

One of our gorgeous living Christmas tree decorations.

Home made stewed rhubarb and custard

Lunch was finished with stewed home grown rhubarb and custard made from our own egg yolks.  Chef Rohan’s trick for an extra special custard is using evaporated sugar cane juice instead of castor sugar.

We hope everyone else has a Christmas as relaxing and enjoyable as ours!