Happiness is a Successful Hive Split & a Buttload of Honey

Pressing honeycombYesterday was a great day to be a Humpy Creek beekeeper!

We pinched an ideal super chock-a-block full of beautiful, capped honey from Queenie’s hive (our original and strongest hive).  It was good to see that they had built lovely straight comb this time so we must have done a better job with the starter strips (our last attempt resulted in a lot of cross-combing).

Natural honeycomb

Two months ago we split Queenie’s hive under less than ideal circumstances, and after 26 days saw no sign of a laying queen in the new hive.  So, we gave them another frame of eggs/brood just in case they hadn’t raised a queen and have been anxiously waiting for the last month before checking again to see what’s happening.

Walk away hive split

Thankfully, the first frame we pulled out of the hive yesterday was covered in capped worker brood.  The new hive must have raised a queen just after the split (she may not have been laying when we did the last check) and she is doing a bang up job!  We have named her Hatshepsut.

Super full of capped honey

Ecstatic after finding our first walk away split was a success, we began the enjoyable, but time consuming and very sticky job of pressing the honeycomb in our new fruit press.

Pressing honeycomb

It’s a labour of love and we’re still working on it today, having taken over Emily’s mum’s kitchen.  The sweet reward of golden jars of honey is more than fair compensation of the work!

Pressing honeycomb