Our First Batch of Beet Kvass

After a couple of weeks away from The Humpy we expected to come back to a very dead veggie patch as it had been very hot and dry here.  Much to our surprise (and delight) we found a few things had made it, including these stunning bull’s blood beetroots.


Such an exciting discovery on our return home, we did a little celebratory dance when we found them.

We have never been successful at growing beets before – they’ve always been stunted and woody – and it seems the key to getting this batch of fat, juicy specimens was adding boron to the soil (we applied it in the form of borax, which you can get in the cleaning section of most supermarkets).

During our two week holiday our diet changed rapidly and drastically: we at a great deal of processed foods, A LOT of sugar and generally ate way too much (which is saying something because we normally spend much of our time eating).  So, coming home to the little beetroot crop was the perfect opportunity to get back into highly nutritious, fermented foods.

Our very first batch of beet kvass

We decided to go ultra simple after reading about kvass in both Nourishing Traditions and The Art of Fermentation:

  • one large diced beet in a litre jar
  • jar filled to the top with rainwater
  • a large pinch of salt mixed in

We will test it in 5 days to see how it’s going!

Beet Kvass

Within minutes the beets had coloured the water, can’t wait to see what it looks like in a few days.