Time Away From The Humpy

We just got back from a couple of weeks in California.  It’s the longest we’ve been away from The Humpy since we moved in and was a much-needed break (especially from the stupidly hot weather).

Organising two weeks away when you have a bunch of animals and gardens is a pain in the arse, especially when it is so hot and dry, but we’re lucky enough to have people to help us look after them and we’re really glad we went to the effort.

The holiday not only gave us time with some of our best friends in the world, and some incredible experiences, it has also renewed our appreciation for our life here (and our dysfunctional pets).   This post on Holidays certainly resonates with us, and we really should go to the effort to plan breaks more often (although next time we probably won’t go as far or for as long).

Much of our holiday was spent living in exactly the opposite manner to which we are accustomed: we spent most of our time in the city, socialising endlessly and eating out frequently and even shopping (something which we’re usually allergic to).  A couple of weeks of excess and indulgence was a lot of fun, but it’s also pretty tiring for those of us who are highly introverted and it did make us realise that living a simple life is what makes us happiest long term.

One of the highlights of our trip was hiking in Yosemite National Park.  It is a mind-blowing place, everything is immense there, and it was wonderful to be so utterly dwarfed by such a spectacular natural setting.

Our visit to Yosemite also re-ignited a love of hiking for both of us and we realised there are so many beautiful places we take for granted in our own backyard when we should be out making the most of them, so we are now looking forward to many weekends spent hiking locally!


Mirror Lake. We were so fortunate to have the place to ourselves – winter is a good time to visit Yosemite.


Rohan, Emily & our very, very good friend Steve (who was kind enough to take us to Yosemite). Standing at “Tunnel View”.


A couple of hours after arriving at Yosemite we got to see the almost-full moon rise over a snow-capped Half Dome, really lucked out there.


Two grown men skimming stones (and taking it VERY seriously). Holidays are made for this sort of stuff!


Liberty Cap and Nevada Falls. The weather was perfect for hiking.


A squirrel, very exciting to us as we don’t have them at home and have a soft spot for rodents and the way they eat with their little hands!


Everywhere we looked there were incredible vistas.

Steve and Rohan Yosemite National Park

Steve & Rohan taking in the serenity.


A good place for a lunch break: The Emerald Pool.


Tunnel View.


More of Mirror Lake.


El Capitan.