Images of a Wonderful Weekend

It’s always good to have a productive yet relaxing weekend and we’re having one of those!  Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to:

Peron's tree frog 2

Making friends with the wildlife in the garden.  We’re pretty sure we keep seeing this same frog in the zucchini.  We’ve named him Humphrey.

Foraged apple

Finding free food: an apple foraged from the roadside.  A bit on the tart side but it’ll make a mean cider!

Bees on sunflower macro 2

Watching our bees go about their business.

Honey coffee whiskey muffins batch 2

Baking more Honey Coffee Whiskey Muffins!

Kale seedlings

Getting ready to plant out our autumn veggies.  These kale seedlings have popped up in our newspaper pots.

Rhubarb cross section

Working on a delicious rhubarb-based recipe for a guest post on Chocolate Chilli Mango – stay tuned!

Owl candles vertical

And making owl candles.