Weed Eating

Edible Weeds book

In order to upskill as foragers, we picked up a little book called “Edible Weeds and Garden Plants of Melbourne” from Bee Sustainable yesterday.  Popping into Bee Sustainable is always a bit dangerous because all that beekeeping paraphernalia and cider making equipment is like crack to us, but we managed to leave with only the book and a few lids for our large collection of lidless Fowlers Jars.

Within half an hour of getting our treasured weed-eating book we were standing beside the railway line in Brunswick munching on mallow leaves like a pair of feral weirdos (and we only stopped our weed hunt because I had to go to work).

Weeds not only represent a source of free food for us, they are also something we won’t have to battle with the bush rats over and they are an opportunity to further increase the variety in our diet.  Weeds are awesome and it’s time we made better use of them.

With lunch today I had a side salad of violet leaves (raided from my mum’s garden, apparently they’re very high in vitamin C), drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil.  It wasn’t too shabby and  I can definitely see a lot more weed eating in our future – stay tuned for weedy recipes!

You can also find more info and recipes at Hello Little Weed.