The Fog Has Returned

Cow in Fog

For the first time this year fog descended on The Humpy, and its arrival was announced by Rohan saying: “Look outside at the weather, there is no weather!”

We get some epic fogs here in the valley – once it settles in it can stay the entire day.  The moisture can be a bit of a pain in The Humpy, with everything, including the contents of drawers and wardrobes, ending up damp – there’s nothing like slightly wet clothes or beds to make cold weather even less comfortable.  Fog also means no solar panel action so dreary days can lead to dark nights with not much to do (except Scrabble by candle light).

It can be hard to find much to enjoy about the fog with its clingy, soggy, view-obscuring greyness but when you live so intimately with your surroundings it’s a matter of like it or lump it.  Last year, a particularly bad year for fog, we forced ourselves to like it at least a bit and discovered that if you can bring yourself to trudge through the endless mist you may be lucky enough to stumble upon beautiful and haunting scenes.

So, the return of the fog isn’t all bad (and we’ll keep telling ourselves that).

Afternoon Fog

Tree cow fog silhouette