Running Away to Become Beekeepers

Malfroy's Gold Beekeepers!

Our first taste of commercial beekeeping a few weeks ago, a trial to see if we had what it took!

Last Wednesday we said goodbye to The Humpy and, with the ute loaded up with all our worldly possessions (including the three dogs), we drove ten hours up to Kurrajong in the Blue Mountains in pursuit of our dream to become commercial beekeepers.

Tomorrow we start work for Malfroy’s Gold, so not only do we get to live out our dreams of professional beekeeping, we get to work in the most bee-friendly commercial apiary in Australia.  We feel disgustingly lucky right now.

And if that wasn’t enough, we get to live on a breathtakingly beautiful property and work part-time in the market garden.  Forget about being an actor/singer, we have the best jobs in the world: beekeeper/gardener.

This is the beginning of a huge adventure for the Humpy Creek clan!

(Apologies for the photo quality, haven’t had time to get the camera out so these are all phone photos).

Ute all packed up

Moving interstate, Beverly Hill Billies style (or perhaps Grapes of Wrath style?).

Goodbye Humpy

One last look at The Humpy, our home for the past two and a half years. A bittersweet farewell.

The Barn

The new home: the loft of this old barn. What a magical place!

Frog in Rhubarb at Trafalgar

There are frogs EVERYWHERE. We are in heaven.

Pumpkin in tree

Who needs streets paved with gold when you have pumpkins growing in trees? I’ll say it again: we’re in heaven.